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Medical marketing mistakes you may be making

Posted by Goldin Peiser & Peiser on Mar 30, 2017 2:42:36 PM

As a medical professional in charge of a practice, you have a million and one things to attend to every day. Because of your busy schedule, there likely isn’t enough time to focus

on effectively marketing your practice’s services, and you certainly aren’t alone. Many medical practices today make common mistakes in their marketing campaigns simply because they don’t have the luxury of the time needed to develop and implement their campaigns properly. Are you also making some of those same errors?

Consider some of the common medical marketing mistakes described below, and recognize if you have made them so that you can take steps to rectify them.

Using a one-size-fits-all marketing plan

As mentioned above, extra time is hard to come by in a medical practice, and so you may not be able to properly research digital marketing agencies to see which best fit your needs and goals. Many marketing agencies offer a one-size-fits-all marketing plan, often for an attractive price, which is what prompts some medical professionals to choose such a plan over one that is specially tailored to their particular practice.

Not doing your due diligence when choosing a marketing agency is doing your practice a disservice. Find an agency that will listen to what you want to achieve, your short and long-term marketing goals, and your ideal budget. Once satisfied that that agency is one you want to work with, have it create a marketing campaign specially tailored to achieving your goals.

Not knowing your ideal target market

Marketing to everybody may net you a lot of patients, but they may not be your “ideal” patients: they may have insurance issues, may not be able to afford your fees, and may not align with the services you perform. This means marketing dollars are wasted. Knowing your ideal patient and understanding your demographics enables you to tailor your marketing campaign to a particular niche market.

Using patient metrics and data (you should be collecting this) can lead you to the ideal patient profile. Once you have this, you will have a much better idea of how to market to this customer base.

Too many marketing strategies

Some marketing strategies often work in conjunction with one another to optimal effect, leading to a high ROI (return on investment). But trying to create a marketing umbrella that covers every strategy may not be as effective. Your budget should be spent on the key strategies that will best reach your target market. Marketing professionals with experience in medical marketing should already have ample experience and knowledge to accurately determine what marketing methods would work best for your practice and the potential patients you are trying to reach.

Doing it yourself

Again, time is an issue as is lack of adequate experience. You need a dedicated team that can apply all of its focus on marketing, because medical marketing doesn’t just start and stop with the development and implementation of the campaign. It must also be constantly analyzed to see where the campaign can be improved. If social media marketing or content marketing is involved, which it should be, consistent updates and audience engagement is required for it to be effective. Subsequently, many successful medical practices often utilize the services of experienced medical marketing professionals.

Not engaging your patients

Lastly, believe it or not, customer service, how you speak to your patients, and how they feel when they enter your practice is also all part of marketing. Patients who feel welcome and comfortable are valuable patients and they will tell others by either word-of-mouth or online. Providing good customer service, from the receptionist to the nurses to yourself, is equally important because it sends a message to the patients that you care about them, rather than seeing them as just another folder in a filing cabinet.

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Note: This content is accurate as of the date published above and is subject to change. Please seek professional advice before acting on any matter contained in this article. 

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