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Supreme Court Allows States to Require Online Retailers to Collect Sales Tax

June 21, 2018 | By Goldin Peiser & Peiser

For 50 years, the U.S. legal system has barred states from imposing sales tax on purchases their taxpayers make from out-of-state retailers....

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Tax Benefits for Dentists Can Double Under New Cost Segregation Rules

June 20, 2018 | By Erick Cutler, CPA

Cost segregation may not be the first thing dental practice owners think about when it comes to running a profitable, cost-efficient business....

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Rising Interest Rates: A Chill for the Commercial Real Estate Market?

June 18, 2018 | By Goldin Peiser & Peiser

After slowly rolling out interest rate increases since the end of 2015, the Federal Reserve announced an increase of one-quarter of a percentage...

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Telemedicine Takes Flight in Texas

June 14, 2018 | By Goldin Peiser & Peiser

Following the enactment of Senate Bill 1107 by the Texas Legislature last year, the Texas Medical Board reversed a 2015 mandate stating that...

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What to Look for With Contractor Fraud Cases on the Rise

June 11, 2018 | By Goldin Peiser & Peiser

Construction contractors are an integral part of both the residential and commercial construction industry, but fraud among contractors is on the...

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Medical Chart Audits: An Infographic

June 05, 2018 | By Goldin Peiser & Peiser

Your reimbursement depends heavily on good and accurate billing processes, and your billing process depends on meticulous charts. Therefore, it...

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Infographic: Proactive Steps to Prepare for a Medical Charts Audit

June 05, 2018 | By Janis Peiser
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6 IRS Audit Red Flags for Schedule C Form 1040 Filers

June 05, 2018 | By Goldin Peiser & Peiser

If you’re running your own business, the sky’s the limit when it comes to generating revenue and attracting new customers. Just be sure while...

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What Dentists Need to Look for to Protect Against Embezzlement: An Infographic

May 29, 2018 | By Goldin Peiser & Peiser

A busy dental practice is a perfect environment for fraud. Too many dentists are victims of fraud and embezzlement in their practice at some time...

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Sales and Use Tax Considerations for Manufacturers

May 29, 2018 | By Kevin Harris, CPA

Sales and use tax play an integral role in a manufacturer’s overall tax planning strategy. When weighing decisions about the products and services...

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