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Goldin Peiser & Peiser Meet with Minister/Counselor of the Embassy of People's Republic of China

Posted by Goldin Peiser & Peiser on Sep 8, 2016 8:51:44 AM

On Tuesday, September 6, 2016  Ang Shen, CPA at Goldin Peiser & Peiser (GPP), met with Deyou Tian, Minister/Counselor of the Embassy of People's Republic of China to the United States in Nashville, Tennessee. Ang was joined by the local representatives of one of GPP’s client – the largest porcelain manufacturer in China. Mr. Tian emphasized the importance of understanding and following the United States' laws and regulations as they relate to business and trade. He also stressed the need for the Chinese investors to get involved in the local community and customs to forge a better understanding between the two cultures. Following the meeting Ang had the opportunity to visit the clients construction site of its new U.S. based porcelain factory. From the very beginning of formation, GPP has been providing its client with overall consulting & tax services in the United States.

GPP helps foreign clients accommodate to and comply with the United States' accounting and tax policies and advises clients with the most beneficial tax efficient strategies in business. Please contact the professionals at GPP if you need help with tax efficient strategies for investments in the U.S.

GPP沈昂会计师陪同中国最大建材集团之一同赴该集团田纳西州Nashville 的投资项目,同时参加与来自华盛顿中国大使馆商务公使/参赞田德友先生中国投资企业见面会。田参赞强调了中资企业遵守当地国家法律法规和融入当地文化的重要性。随后参观了该集团美国分公司生产线建设工地。该集团美国分公司是该集团在海外设立的第一家分公司。GPP自该公司筹划伊始, 根据投资经营需求及税务最优化原则, 在公司结构设置, 海外管理, 财会税务等方面全方位提供信息和业务服务, 确保企业在美合规健康经营。
GPP 专业团队以多年的经验为海外在美投资个人与企业提供财会税务信息和相关服务。如有需求,欢迎联系我们。
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